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The Root of Silk Fabric

Silky fabrics may not be viewed as one of the premier cuddling fabrics but when you buy cuddling fabrics and combine them with silky fabrics you will be able to get the best of both worlds. Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles and even into cuddling fabrics. The silk with the best quality can be obtained from the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. Of course, silk is produced from other insects as well but it has been the silk of the moth work that has been most popularly used for the textiles manufacturing and in cuddling fabrics. Silk fabrics are also commonly produced by insects, such as bees, wasps and even ants.

Silk fabric was originally developed in ancient China and, according to legend, an Empress of China named Lei Zu is credited for the development of this luxurious fabric. It was originally preserved for Chinese kings and used as gifts to other monarchies. It gradually became more popular in many parts of Asia and became more popular all over the world. It soon became an integral part if the international trade in the pre-industrial era. India is the second largest producer of silk.

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Silk has an absorbancy that makes it very comfortable for people to wear. Summertime is usually the most ideal time of the year to wear silk. It is used as different clothing, such as shirts, blouses, ties and are even made into bed sheets. Many people have even used silk as drapes and curtains.

Originally, silk was considered to be such an exotic material. It was seen as a symbol of royalty, given its origins, and was used by people that belonged to the upper class while people that were below the upper class wore cotton. This is no longer the case as silk has become widely available and accessible to everyone. Whether it is used to make a wedding dress or to make exotic bedding, anyone can feel a little piece of royalty with using silky fabrics and that is something very special that silky fabrics is able to offer anyone. You can blend your silky fabrics with cuddling fabrics and when you buy cuddling fabrics, you can be sure to include silk with them. Make sure to ask your local wholesaler when you buy cuddling fabrics which silk would go best with your cuddling fabrics.

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